Monday, December 28, 2015

First Year of School - Done and Dusted!

At the beginning of the year, I was so nervous about sending Joshua to school.  It is so hard sending your child off with people you don't really know, but even more so when your child is unable to tell you anything that goes on there and you just have to 100% trust the people they are with to look after them.  

The end of the year is upon us now though, and Joshua has completed his first year of "Big School".  Transition as we call it here, but some people know it as Kindergarten or "Prep".    

The Australian Curriculum says that at this point Joshua should be able to do things like:

  • Recognise all upper and lower case letters, be able to name them and know most letter sounds. 
  • Be able to read and write high frequency and familiar words.  
  • Deliver Short Oral Presentations to Peers
  • Count forwards and backwards to at least 20
  • Use practical objects to model addition and sharing
  • Name Shapes
  • Use everyday language to describe time and days of the week.   
  • Use comparison to decide things like which object is heavier, longer etc.  
I could go on, but the point is, Joshua isn't doing any of those things.   Despite that, I know he has had a wonderful year.   

He has:

  • Made some friends, even if they aren't friends in the traditional sense.   He can say the names of all of the children in his class and his teachers, intelligible at least to me.   He started the year not really saying anyone's name.   He is still unable to say his own name, his sisters name...  and yet, he says the names of the children in his class.  
  • He counts well to 3, and come very close to mastering 4 and 5.     He has said them a few times.  
  • He can recognise and say the names of most basic colours.  
  • Learned to recognise and order the letters of his name with an example to model from.   (See the Video HERE!)  
  • His vocabulary has grown.  
  • He has participated in cooking, farming, sports, music, swimming as well as a whole host of fine motor, gross motor and communication related activities.   
  • He is beginning to recognise the sensations involved with urinating.   
Most importantly, he is a happy and confident little boy who loves going to school.  

Joshua on his last day of school for 2015

As always, Joshua continues to make progress at his own rate, as we are so proud of the progress he has made this year and the hard working boy that he is.

Using different communication strategies such as pictograms

Cutting with Scissors

Doing special exercises that my Physiotherapist planned for my Teachers to do with me at school

Being assisted to participate in different sports experiences like T-Ball!  

Learning to do different cooking skills, like try and cut a banana

Learning to respect and care for animals at the school farm

I couldn't be happier with his school and the wonderful array of experiences he is being offered, and can't wait to see what a fabulous year he has next year in GRADE ONE!!    

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