Friday, April 27, 2012

Occupational Therapy Session 27th April 2012

This term Joshua is getting weekly Physiotherapy, and fortnightly Occupational Therapy.  Today we had a session with his Occupational Therapist and I decided to take a few photos.

Crawling over uneven surfaces helps to encourage reciprocal movement of the arms and legs.  (Joshua usually crawls in a 'bunny hop' style, moving both arms together and both legs together, rather than alternating his arms and legs like in a traditional crawl)
Climbing the ladder to the slide also encourages reciprocal movement.  Joshua can't do this without assistance, but here his OT Andy is trying to get his interest by putting the Doll up the ladder.  
Joshua having a look in the container of toys...  these toys were oral sensory toys for mouthing, and whistles for blowing to work on oral motor skills  
Happy Boy sitting on a wedge on a platform swing.  This helps to work on core strength, as he needs to work his tummy muscles to stay upright while the swing is moved.  
Here he was using this rod to push and pull himself back and forth
Trying to Multi-task and blow a whistle as well...  You can see the more he has going on the sloppier he sits, because its hard work to keep everything going together. Blowing the whistle helps to work on muscles needed for speech.   
Joshua sitting on the 'car'.  This also helps with core strength as the movement of the car makes him unstable and he has to work to remain upright.  
Another activity on the car..  Using his arms to pull himself around.  Good for upper body strength and encouraging reciprocal arm movement.  
Go Cheeky boy!
Crawling through the tunnel and playing peekaboo is fun too!
Some more crawling, look at that big crocodile ready to gobble up any naughty boys!  
Pushing Puppy around on the car

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  1. He is such a cutie. Connor was having a ball with the red chair on Tuesday. We're working with Gaby, the Speech Therapist. Caden starts next Tuesday. The whistles were a big fav too :) He looks like he was having a ball. Connor was so excited to be back after the break. I really like the way you set this blog out with the pics and explaining how each activity helps. Great Job! :)