Friday, February 3, 2012

Routine Check up

Today Joshua had an appointment at the hospital for his routine check up that we do every three months.

It was pretty uneventful really, as far as these appointments go!  Almost not even worth blogging about :)
We did the usual weigh and measure stuff and his current stats at 20.5 months are:

Weight:  10.14kgs / 22lbs 5oz    (4.6%)
Length:  81.5cm / 32 inch  (20.2%)
Head Circumference:  42.9cm   (0%)

So, he is still on the little side, but still growing!

I gave the Doctor the updates on his development since we last saw him.  Which are mostly that he is, as of about a week ago, trying to take a few steps while holding onto things.  Furniture or his little trolley.
Here is a little video of him with his trolley:

He hasn't really done this since, but it is obviously a great sign of things to come.  He is also doing a little more side stepping holding onto furniture.  He is definitely not cruising around the room or anything, but a step here and a step there, a little shuffle to get something.   There is really no doubt in my mind that he will walk, one day.  Maybe not by the age of 2 like I initially hoped, but hopefully not too long after that!

Since his last appointment, he has also started to say a few words.  His favourite word is "Car" and everything with wheels is a car.  He spends his whole day talking about cars and saying "Brrrrrvv...  Brrrvvvv Car!"  He can also say Bye Bye, and make animal noises.  Well...  if you ask Joshua every animal makes the same sound...  which is "Aaaaaah!" But that is ok with me!  Three months ago, he wasn't saying anything and I heard from the Doctor several times about how he would have problems with communication, so I am really encouraged by the progress he has made, and was really happy to be able to tell him that he was now saying a few words.  He even obliged me and said "bye bye" to the Doctor when we were leaving, rather than make me look like a liar like he usually does ;)

He had a bit of a feel of his tone, listened to his breathing, checked his throat, checked his ears, checked his teeth, asked how he was going with things like constipation, swallowing, snoring etc, and gave him a clean bill of health.  Said he is in "great shape."  We are very lucky because many children with Cerebral Palsy have other health problems that stem from their CP.  Muscles control a lot of the bodies functions, not just the obvious ones like walking.  Muscles are involved in the digestion of food, with eating and even breathing.  When children have abnormal muscle tone, it can affect all of those functions that you don't normally even give a second thought to, but in Joshua's case, despite having Cerebral Palsy, he is otherwise a very healthy boy.        

I am also waiting to hear in the next week or so if we have made it onto the list for the visiting rehabilitation clinic that visits from Adelaide every 3 months.  They are next coming in March, and we'd hoped he'd get into it then.  Joshua's physio called me yesterday and told me to make sure I asked them about it because she has been trying to hassle people about it but the lady that handles it all has been away and it would be much better coming from his Doctor than her.  So no worries there, because the Doctor told the nurse that sorts it all out (who is back as of today) to try and get Joshua onto that list because "He is a great candidate for it because he is doing so well".  The nurse said she needs to have the list finalised in the next week or so, so I will know soon but she'd try and get him on to be seen.  (They only have a certain number of places available and they are crammed full usually)  The Doctor said that maybe people who have been getting seen quite regularly might need to step back and be seen less often.  I said "Yeah!  Tell them they have to share!".  So we will see what comes from that!

Overall Joshua is doing great, always making slow and stready progress.  We all have our moments but I really can't spent too much time being upset about things that he can't do, when really, mostly I am just so grateful for all of the things he CAN do.

Joshua is booked in to see the Ophthalmologist next Friday to have his eyes checked, so I will be updating again after that.  I am not expecting any problems, it is more just to rule any out, because again, it is not uncommon for people with a brain injury to also have issues with things like hearing and vision.  We've gotten the A-OK on the hearing, so now its time for the eyes to get their turn.      

I will finish up now with a few photos :)

And also another video, because I am so proud of my little swimmer!  :)

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