Friday, February 10, 2012

Ophthalmologist Appointment

I have to say, this has been the most unpleasant appointment yet.  Mainly just because of the amount of time it all took, and the fact that Joshua is getting a lot harder to entertain.
The waiting area was not particularly child friendly and we had to wait for quite some time.  Joshua didn't really want to sit in his stroller and I didn't really want him crawling around.  And I could only buy so much time with snacks, showing him his little book, playing with his little car, and holding his hands to "walk" around the room (which he did NOT want to do...  he just wanted to get down on his hands and knees and hop around)  At one point, I was trying to multitask, holding him up in a standing position while opening my bag to get his car out....  and I guess I didn't do a good job because Joshua fell over and banged his head on the nearby wall...  and screamed the waiting room down afterwards.  Our turn couldn't come quick enough!

Finally, we got called back and saw a man who tested his vision a bit.  He had a little pig light that made a squeaky noise and he would move it all around to see how well he was tracking.  Then he asked me if he could talk and I said "a little bit".  By that I mean he says 2 words.  Then I realised he was asking that, to see if Joshua would be able to verbally respond to things he showed him.  As in, show him a picture and say "what is that?" and have Joshua respond with whatever it was.  So then I was like Erm, well he can't talk well enough to do that.  LOL
The first picture he held up was a cat.  I said to the guy "He can say car, so if you have a picture of a car, he will tell you that one, he is a bit obsessed with them"  LOL  So the guy was really good, he seemed to cater to that and found all his tools that worked around a love of transportation.  He showed him some pictures and while Joshua obviously didn't say what they were, he did point at them and say "Da" each time he was showed a picture, so he showed he was seeing them anyway.   Then he had to look at some other pages, (pictures of trucks, trains etc)  And one page would have the picture at the top of the page and the other at the bottom, and he would flick between the pages, wanting to see that Joshua looked up or down according to where the picture was.  During all of this,  he had me cover one of his eyes at various times to check that both eyes were working right.  Apparently if one eye is not working as well as the other, the child would get really annoyed about having their good eye covered.  (I guess he means "More annoyed than they usually get" LOL Because Joshua wasn't happy about having his eyes covered either and was trying to shake his head away from my hands)  He also tried to show him a picture that looked like a page full of dots but there was a picture in there somewhere (a car) and he was asking him where the car was to see if he could point to it....  From the angle I was on, I couldn't see a car either.  I could see where it was, but couldn't make out that it was a car...  but he decided he was a little too young for that one.  He actually told me that he was "The best 20 month old he has ever seen" in terms of how well he was looking at things.  Then he put some drops into his eyes to dilate them.  I nearly died when he told me that the drops take 40 mins to work.  WHAT!  I have to entertain him here for another 40 mins!!  LOL
So then I went out to the coffee shop and bought yoghurt and chocolate milk, two things that Joshua likes, hoping that would help me buy some more time.  It didn't really..  he was started to crack it, so my last resort was to take him out to the hospital playground.  If you could call it that.  Its really not that nice of a place and I didn't really want to take him in there, but I didn't know what else to do with him.  At least it was somewhere he could crawl around.  He was happy there too.  I was grossed out.  He mostly just crawled around and apparently his favourite place was crawling over the drains at the side...  Nice.
Then he tried to climb the slide.  He kept getting about half way up and sliding back down.  His AFOs actually make it really hard for him to climb because he can't grip things like in bare feet.  I am pretty sure if he was bare foot he could have made it all the way up, but he wasn't...  and I was a little glad because there was some miscellaneous black dried up "stuff" at the top of the slide.

Joshua on the yucky slide
When it was time to head back in, I made sure to wipe him thoroughly with baby wipes.  I also considered covering him in antiseptic gel...

We went back in and I informed reception that we were back, and thankfully we got called in by the Doctor after a few minutes.  This time, they looked into his eyes, shining lights through different lenses.  When an adult gets their eyes checked, they can look through lenses and say which one looks better, which one looks worse.  But a baby can't do that.  Apparently, they can look at the way the lights bounce off the eyes through the lenses and that will tell them if a baby/toddler needs glasses or not, and if so, which strength.  He also used another lense thing to look into his eye and see the inside of the eye...  to check that it all looked normal.  This wasn't as easy as it sounds, because by this time, Joshua was well and truly done with being here and it didn't take long for him to learn to shut his eyes and not co-operate. LOL  I was pleasantly surprised by how child friendly the Doctor was, and also the first guy as well, considering the waiting area was filled with adults and no other children, it was hard to know how experienced they would be with dealing with little kids.  He was very good though, talking to him and making silly noises and trying to get him to co-operate.  Finally, he managed to look at everything he needed to.
He told me that he is very happy with Joshua.  Joshua does not need glasses, his vision is normal, his eyes are normal, his eye movements are all normal.  He suggested getting his eyes tested again when he is 4 or 5, before he starts school just to make sure everything is all good, but that he has absolutely no concerns relating to Joshua's vision.

So, we have successfully jumped another 'brain damage' hurdle.  As yet, no vision issues.  Yay!

It was a big morning for a little boy, and he passed out quickly on the way home in the car.  He didn't even stir when I took him out and put him to bed.

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