Monday, July 11, 2011

Hearing Test - Take 2

Today Joshua had a follow up hearing test.  The last one did not go so well, and left me pretty upset.  I was not expecting this test to go any better and I really didn't want to take him.  Nevertheless, I did take him.  Much to my surprise, this one went a lot better.  Last time he was not able to condition to the test, where they wanted him to turn his head towards the sound and be rewarded by a puppet that lights up in a box (while distracting him with toys!).  This time, miraculously, he did do it.  Not 100% consistently, but he did  understand what to do to a degree and was doing it fairly well.  The man in the room judging his responses was very nice and I think I 'gelled' with him a bit more than the lady that was there the first time.  Not that the first lady was unpleasant, but Joshua definitely engaged with this man and I felt like he was working with us rather than against us.  Joshua is a bit unwell at the moment, and one of his ears showed some slight resistance when she did the ear pressure test, which is due to the congestion of current sickness, so they only tested one ear (the good one) and the results were consistent with mild hearing loss, however the audiologist stated that she would not be comfortable making that diagnosis at this point in time because Joshua is still not responding to the test with enough consistency to say that with any certainty.  He did however, respond consistently to sounds that are within the range of normal speech, so even if he does have some hearing issues, they do not feel that they will effect the development of speech.  So overall, this was a lot more positive than the last attempt.  They want to see him again in six weeks, when the congestion from his cold should have cleared, and the man did also say that sometimes it takes a few tries for the child to really understand what to do with the test (Which they didn't tell me last time, they didn't really say anything to reassure me at all!), so he might respond even better next time.  So, now I am feeling a lot better about the whole hearing thing.

We also went to baby group today.  Fortunately baby group is at the same place as the hearing test, so I was able to go to baby group and then just duck straight out for the hearing test.  This week was the first week of the new term and there are two new therapists running it this term.  I can already say that it is a ton better than last term.  I mentioned before that I really got nothing out of last term at all, which frustrated me a lot and is part of the reason I am pleased that we are going to be referred to Carpentaria Disability Services now.  However, that will take time, we will have to have an initial intake appointment with them and then there is often a waiting list to get in, so until we do get in there, I will continue to go to the Children's Development Team.  The physio was very good and spent a fair bit of time with Joshua today and made me feel like she was actually understanding some of my concerns that might have been brushed over in the past.  She thinks the best thing for the high tone in Joshua's leg is weight bearing, which of course comes with its own challenges.  She has suggested getting him to stand with his right leg on something like a bread board to create extra stability for him due to the right leg being slightly shorter...  She also wanted to be able to loan us a stander for him, which would be really great, as a stander enables him to stand up and bear weight on his legs without me having to hold him the entire time.  Unfortunately though, she went and looked and the smallest stander they have was too big for Joshua...  he needed to be about an inch taller to make it work...  In any case, I feel that baby group is going to be a lot better this term...  far more helpful than last term which is great, especially as I don't know how soon we will be able to change services!

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