Friday, July 15, 2011

Developmental Bursts

Sometimes it seems like we are just cruising along with not much new happening, and then other times we seem to have periods where lots of things happen.  A developmental burst, where his skills suddenly shoot forwards.  These periods are very exciting and definitely make you feel hopeful about the future.  I wanted to write and share some of the new things Joshua has done over recent weeks:

  • Joshua learned to uncover a toy that was hidden by a cloth.  
  • Joshua is starting to try and pull to a stand.  He is quite good at it when holding onto my hands and has made three pretty good attempts on his own with a piece of furniture, so its coming!
  • When you try to put him down on his rocking horse he has started to spread his legs apart to go over the seat.  Last week I was still having to physically open them myself in order to sit him down.  
  • Joshua is starting to try and converse with us.  By this I mean he has started to turn take with babble. When I talk to him, he looks me directly in the eye and makes a sound back to me.  If I keep talking he makes another sound in reply.  Very simple sounds like "Arg", but he is purposely saying it "to me" and not just babbling away to himself/not directed at anybody.   
  • He is *starting* to try and put his arms out to break his fall if he loses his balance while sitting.
  • He is starting to snuggle up to us/show affection.  (Lay his head down on our shoulder for a cuddle)  
  • When I am standing up, he has started to army crawl over to me and try to climb up my leg (show an active desire to want to be picked up or interacted with)  
  • He is starting to show interest in other children...  following them when they play and trying to see what they are doing (and interfere!)
  • He is taking an interest in our pet cats.  He now giggles when he sees them and tries to chase after them and grab them.  
There is probably a couple more things but I can't think right now ;)  All of these are new things to emerge over the last few days up to about 2 weeks ago.  You just never know what will happen next!  


  1. Sounds like he is doing amazingly are such a great mom to document everything!! Love your blog book, I use my blog as a journal and get it printed...maybe someday my kids will want to read it :) and they can see everything I went through and all my thoughts of them as they were younger.

  2. wow! He has really leaped forward...this is so exciting! You are doing an incredible job, Karissa. I love to hear of his progress!