Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a great day!!

In my last post I mentioned that we had gotten Joshua a skateboard to try and help him figure out what to do with his arms to crawl.  I put a video of him using it on facebook and it stimulated quite a bit of interest so I will post it here too, just in case it is useful to anybody who finds this page by other methods!
This video was taken on about the third time I put him on it and he started to push himself backwards and forwards with his arms.  He was also pivoting around in circles.  After I would take him off the skateboard, he would practice the same movements on the floor while on his tummy.  He was quickly able to transfer the skateboard skills to the floor.  

And the very best news of all is that today, at almost 11.5 months of age, Joshua started to army crawl!

I cried happy, sobbing tears of joy!  He went from having no idea what to do with his arms, to this, after only 1.5 weeks of using the skateboard.  Maybe it is a coincidence, but I truly believe that the skateboard helped him a great deal in increasing mobility!   I haven't given up hope that he might be crawling (proper crawling!) by his birthday!

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