Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The latest on Baby Group

Yesterday we went to baby group after having a 5 week break.  The first week was due to the school holidays, the following two weeks were due to a bit of disorganisation about who was going to run it, and the last two weeks were due to public holidays.  They like to alternate each term between having a Physiotherapist run it, or an Occupational Therapist run it.  This term, we have two new therapists running it.  By new, I mean they are new to running baby group, but they are not new to the Children's Development Team as I have met one of them before.  One is the OT and the other is a Behavioural Therapist.  I am kind of confused about that, because all I have heard about Behavioural Therapists is that they help with behaviour modification..  like naughty kids.  LOL  I googled to see if I could find out more information, but that is what I got from google as well!  So I am not sure how that really fits in with Baby Group...  I am going to ask though!  It was the Behavioural Therapist that spent the most time with Josh yesterday, and while these two therapists are nice enough, I am just not really feeling it like I did with the PT and the other OT, Melissa.  I am not even sure why Melissa can't do it again.  She came into Baby Group to see me and is going to come next week to do a formal OT assessment for Joshua.  Her and the PT Tahnee want to get a good report done up for the next time we go back to the Paeds in July.  It is hard to explain, but Melissa and Tahnee "get it".  The two that were there yesterday, I feel like they don't "get it".  Maybe it is just because they don't really know Joshua that well, (or me!) but for example, Joshua started Army crawling a week ago, which really, is a huge flippin' deal.  And they thought it was good when I told them, but not with enough enthusiasm for my liking.  LOL  When Melissa came in on the other hand, and saw him do it, she was obviously thrilled and excited, and was making positive projections about him crawling.  I told her about the skateboard and she thought it was fantastic and said (again) how I should be a therapist.  I told her I couldn't take credit for the idea as it was suggested to me by someone else!  When I told this other lady about the skateboard, she just looked at me like I was a freak.  So, I don't know...  Maybe they will grow on me in time, but in any case, due to all the mucking about, we only have 5 weeks with them and then next term it should be back to being run by the PT, which better be Tahnee!  I will post again next week after the assessment!      

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  1. It is hard when you have someone you really like...and really likes your child...to have things switched. I would have a hard time with that, especially if they dont show the same excitiment as the others!

    Congrats on him crawling, that awesome!!