Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finger painting and other tidbits

Today Joshua did his first finger painting.  I feel like a bit of a slacker being an early childhood educator and not even doing finger painting with my own son until he was 10.5 months old.  LOL
I am posting his painting here though, because it shows visually his preference for using his left hand.

The left side has been smeared to oblivion, while the right side was hardly touched.

I posted last week about Joshua's upcoming assessment and how I am worried about his language development.  In true Joshua style, he decided on Friday that he would start saying Dadada.  Yay for progress!!  

Today, he also thrilled me by doing some copying.  He made a funny sniffing noise with his nose, so I repeated it back to him.  He laughed and did it back to me.  I tried it again a couple of times over the morning and each time he copied me and thought it was funny.  This is pretty huge, because it is actually quite rare for him to do any copying.  Of course, by the afternoon he was tired of that trick and stopped doing it, and just laughed at me while I tried to get him to do it on a video!  

I am also happy to say that he is doing a pretty nice pincer grip *sometimes*.  I'd say maybe 10% of the time.  The rest of the time he either uses all of his fingers in a raking motion, or does some weird "almost but not quite pincer grip" thing.  Here is a few pictures of him practicing with some red kidney beans.  Mmm Yum!  Haha.  I definitely need to keep giving him some more practice!  

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