Monday, March 7, 2011

Coming along in leaps and bounds!

The amazing Joshua has had an amazing week here.  He has had me crying happy tears nearly every day!
First of all, he started off  by holding himself up on his hands and knees.  He didn't push up to this position, I placed him down on the floor and he held himself that way.  It is just fantastic to see him bearing weight on his arms so well.  He is also getting better at pushing up.

Nice arms there baby!

He is also getting better at sitting unassisted.  Where it was once taking me several minutes to get him settled and supported enough to be able to take my hands away, it is only taking me a few seconds now.  He is getting much better at sitting and playing with toys, and he even sat on the floor last night while I fed him his dinner.  He also used to need his legs positioned in just the right way (flexed) in order to be able to balance, but he is now mastering straight legged sitting and starting to move towards side sitting.  

Sitting with toys

But perhaps the thing that has amazed me the most this week, is that my little baby is getting around.  It was only a few weeks ago that he started to roll from his tummy regularly.  Now he has put it all together and realised that he can roll in order to get places.  I initially thought it could have just been a once off.  But he has been doing it every day since.  Gone are the days of Joshua staying where you leave him on the floor.  I am SO proud.  

He rolled there from his blue playmat near the pig!

I couldn't wait to go to Baby group today and tell his therapists about the amazing progress he had made since last Monday, and of course, they were suitably impressed.  The OT looked at him and said "He is going to crawl, I know it!"  Not that I ever really doubted that he was going to get there in his own time, but how very wonderful to hear it come from someone else's mouth :)  

Keep up the good work my baby, you are amazing!


  1. This is so exciting! What a clever, clever boy :)

  2. Go Joshua! He is a silly little boy! I'm so happy to hear how well he's doing and that he's mastered being mobile!

    He looks really long, by the way.