Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video - "Myoclonic Jerks"?

I took this little video of Joshua the other day, mainly because it was his first time drinking out of a straw cup (Yay, Clever boy!) so naturally that is a film worthy moment. During the course of this little film however, I managed to catch one of the "jerks" I have mentioned in previous posts. When described to the doctor, she was not concerned unless they get worse or I notice something happening with his eyes during them. You can see the jerk just after the 50 second mark in the video and it is pretty localised to his right shoulder. (The left side for us looking at him!)
If anybody who "knows" about this kind of thing has anything to comment, then I would be interested to hear what you have to say :)


  1. don't know about the jerks, but i do know that he is friggin cuuuute :) good boy holding your cup!
    shannon bordeaux

  2. Hi there - saw your blog listed on HIESC forum -so thought I'd take a look. Our Gabriel has myoclonic epilepsy and had the jerks as well. I know this video is only one example - and for me it was a bit hard to make out - but would be interested how else it manifests itself. I'm going to look to see if we had any videos I could share as well... Our neurologist observed Gabriel's one time and sent him for an EEG right away and saw the activity it caused in his brain coinciding with his jerks (ie: mini seizures). Although Gabe was not distressed, (Gabe's would cause his arms to jump out and shake a bit each time and it happened after any startle situation and would "reverberate" for only a few seconds then pass - about 20+/- times a day) - he felt it worth while to try him on a drug. He said there are many we could try, but thankfully the first one worked...Pyridoxine. He's not showed any further jerks since it kicked in properly (over a year ago maybe?) - so we're pretty happy with that! Mary x (Would be happy to correspond separately, just don't want to post my e-mail here...maybe do through HIESC to start with!)

  3. Thanks for your input Mary.. The way it is here in the video is pretty much the extent of it, just a subtle jerk that looks like a single hiccup in his shoulder. Generally always on his right shoulder (his (high) tone is worse on his right side, if that is of any relevance) Would love to see any videos of Gabe if you can find some. I mainly notice them when he is sitting in the highchair just like here, but sometimes I also notice them when he is in my arms and sleepy/breastfeeding. They probably happen about 5 times a day on average.