Sunday, January 16, 2011

The verdict on the Corner Chair

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical about the corner chair when they loaned it to us.  In some ways I suppose I was slightly resistant to it because it looks like something that a "disabled" person would use and I felt like it was wrong to be putting Joshua in that category already.  I know that is really nonsense, and I am not in denial about the fact that he has issues, but I suppose I felt like he just needed more time to do things on his own before he got given special equipment.  But obviously I took the chair and I use it anyway despite my initial reaction to the idea.  And I have to say, it is great for him.  I am really surprised about the difference it makes to him actually.  When he is sitting in it, he just seems so much more "able" when it comes to doing things with his hands and arms.  We have the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair which is a great high chair, since we just went on holidays for nearly a month I tried him in a lot of high chairs and the space saver is definitely the best in terms of him being able to sit well in it, and this was confirmed by others on the HIE board as being a good chair for their kiddos that are unable to sit, so I am really glad that I bought it when I did (back in 2008, to use at my Dad's house with one of our foster children) because they are no longer readily available in Australia.  I planned to leave this one at my Dad's and buy a second one for our house but I couldn't get one, so I took the one from my Dad's.  While the seating is great, the tray is not so great.  It sits too high, and Joshua rarely attempts to pick things up from the high chair tray unless they are placed right near the edge closest to him.  In the corner chair, it is a different story!  He is positioned in the best way for him to make use of his arms and he does it no problems!  I am so happy to have it now that I have seen how much difference it has made for him!

Here he is today, picking up and eating quartered grapes while sitting in the corner chair.  I was really so proud of him for being able to pick them up, I didn't really expect him to be able to, but he did!  (so I will be doing this more often for the practice now!)