Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upcoming Appointments

We have two things on for the month of January.  Next Monday we are having a review with Joshua's physiotherapist from the Children's Development Team.  She will do another developmental assessment.  I am pretty sure this time it is going to show that he is behind.  He is making improvements all the time, but he hasn't really done any of those "big" things that she can check off the boxes and say yes he can do it.  He is still not sitting unassisted.  He is making progress.  He can maintain a seated position very slumped over, and I am finding him bringing his back up straighter on his own and lasting a few seconds that way, but we can't yet say that he can sit.  I am also noticing him doing better with pushing up on extended arms. He got an inflatable barrel thing for christmas, it is supposed to be pushed along while crawling, but we are using it to prop him over and encourage him to take weight on his arms.  He is doing fairly well, and I am seeing him get up higher on his arms than he has been.  Also previously he was tending to push himself up on one arm at a time and I have now seen him push up quite nicely on both arms at the same time (but not with the arms fully extended).  So these are great progress but he hasn't yet mastered these skills.  He is getting better with other things too, I am starting to see him hold his body in ways that he hasn't before, such as lay on his back with his feet on the floor but his knees up, or sleeping on his tummy with his bum in the air (which means he is on his knees).  I've also seen him grasp his right foot a couple of times now off his own accord and hold onto it for a while (He is an expert at bringing his left foot up to his mouth and munching on his toes, but wasn't doing it on the right side at all)  So that is also exciting to see him do that, and hopefully he will start doing it more often.  He is also getting a lot better at picking toys up off the floor, he could do it before, but he is definitely doing it with more ease now.  So as I say, I am seeing good things, I am seeing improvements with him but I don't think they are going to be enough to "pass" his developmental assessment this time around.
Well, there is nothing I can do except keep on with what I am doing.  I think he will get there, but in his own time!

We are also going back to the Paediatric clinic at the hospital at the end of January.  This was the only day the doctor is doing the clinic.  I am planning to talk to her about seizures.  I was really worried over Christmas that he was having seizures.  It basically looks like a hiccup but in the shoulder not the chest.  Most of the time it is just a once off, but sometimes I was seeing a little bit of repetition.  I pretty much freaked out, but I've hardly noticed it since then.  It is pretty subtle, I try and show Rod what I am talking about and he doesn't see it.  My main concern was Infantile Spasms, but after talking with the parents on the HIE group on yahoo, pretty much everybody came back saying they didn't think it sounded like Infantile Spasms, and that they thought it sounded more like Myoclonic jerks.   I did some reading about myoclonic jerks and I agree that what I am seeing does sound a lot like it.  This is definitely preferable over infantile spasms.  I will see what the doctor says and whether or not she thinks he needs to have an EEG.  It will be a pain, but we gotta do what we gotta do.....

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  1. Szymek isn't doing any of the things you mentioned either-he can't sit unsupported, he doesn't weight bear on his arms too well,he's nowhere near crawling-and he's 8 months old-all my girls were sitting by 7.5 months.He does put his feet in his mouth and he's started wriggling round when on his back.But that's it.I see all these posts about babies sitting and pulling themselves up to stand and he's not doing any of it. He's still on the highest cot setting as he doesn't even try and pull himself up.So I don't think Joshua's all that behind to be honest, considering Szymek doesn't have any issues-he's just slow LOL.

    Kasia (5+1 on FF)