Friday, January 28, 2011

8 Months Hospital Appointment

Today we had our 4th appointment at the Paediatric Outpatient Clinic at the Hospital.  Our last visit was a little too eventful, with us winding up downstairs for x-rays on Joshua's skull, our heads buzzing with the word "Surgery" and a CT scan.  I was hoping this visit would be a little bit less exciting, and I got my wish!  It was the quickest visit yet actually, we barely had to wait 5 minutes for the doctor after having his measurements done and we were in and out in pretty much record time.
The doctor was really pleased by him.  Apparently last time (unknown to me with all the other business) she was a bit concerned by the tone in his neck and back.  This has never been brought up with me by the physios, but she thought he wasn't moving his neck that well and was having to turn his whole body to one side rather than just being able to move his neck.  I can't say I noticed that, and as I say, the Physios never seemed to notice either because this is the first I heard of it.  In any case, she said he looked to be moving a lot more freely and she was really happy with what she was seeing.  She was pleased with his head growth (which is only very small, but some growth is better than no growth) and said his head was looking a lot better than when she last saw him, as the coronal sutures across his head are no where near as prominent and "weird" looking as they were when she last saw him.  I can still see them a little, but I think the fuzz of hair he has now helps a great deal.  I said that to her and she said No, they are lots better and his head has "grown into them" much nicer.  Joshua was also chatting away, she could hear him from up the hall way when we first arrived, so she was pleased to hear him being nice and vocal.
I gave her the run down on how he is going with his physio and the results of their assessments, and I mentioned to her the jerks I have observed which I initially worried were seizures, but after further reading believe to be myoclonic jerks.  She was not concerned, but told me if they start happening more frequently or I notice changes with his eyes while they are happening, then to certainly bring him back in.  I did think once that I saw something happen with his eyes, but I was only looking at him side on at the time so can't be totally certain and I have never seen it happen again.  So nevertheless, I will continue to be on the look out for anything that could possibly be a seizure but not get my knickers in a knot about the jerks I have seen so far....
The doctor also decided that he could now "graduate" to 6 monthly appointments.  So, we don't have to go back until late July unless of course something comes up that concerns me and I want to take him back sooner, or if the physios are concerned about anything and recommend that he come back sooner.  She says the most important thing for him right now is his physio to help with his movement problems.  She asked if I was happy with the Children's Development Team and I said Yes. I really think they are great!  
His "real" doctor, returns from a sabbatical in the United States in April and technically I think we were supposed to go back to seeing him once he returned, but I have to say that I think I like this doctor better, we have seen her twice now at the outpatient clinic and she was the one that gave us the results of his MRI after he was born, whereas this other doctor, although he was technically Joshua's doctor when he was born, we have only seen him once at the outpatient clinic and I found his "bedside manner" to be not as good as this other lady.  She is much more friendly and I feel like she is nicer to Joshua, whereas this other guy didn't do too much in the way of trying to interact with him etc.  Granted he was not quite 3 months old when he saw him last, but still, as a Paediatric Consultant you would think he might be a little more kid orientated.  Oh well, hopefully we will just stick with this other doctor now!  Yay for a good appointment overall!

Current statistics (with percentiles from are:

Weight:  7.86kgs / 17lbs 5oz  (11.3%)
Length: 75cm / 29.5in  (92.6%)
Weight for Length:  (0.2%)
Head Circumference:  40.5cm  (0.0%)

He weighs more than I thought he would, because he was only 7.3kgs on the 16th December!


  1. Hi Karissa, thanks for reading my blog.

    I have just read through yours and it is an amazing read. You are such a wonderful mum and have handled the challenges your baby has brought with such grace - it is an inspiration!

    I see you are in Darwin. I would love to meet you and and Joshua some time if you are interested in a playdate - our babies are only about 2 months apart.