Monday, January 17, 2011

8 Month Developmental Assessment

I took Joshua to see his Physio at the Children's Development Team today for his 8 Month old Developmental Assessment.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was pretty sure that he would show some delays, and I was right.
Overall, she is really pleased with him and the progress that he has made over the Christmas break.  He is doing really well and doing a lot of good things, and that DOES count.  Just not on an assessment tool that requires ticking a box saying yes or no.  (Ages and Stages Questionnaire, ASQ)  The ASQ organises results so that for each developmental area they are either "Normal", "Borderline" or "Delayed".  So the results are that he has developmental delays in gross motor and fine motor skills.  (No surprise there).  He is within normal limits for everything else.
I am still concerned about his language development though.  He is noisy, very noisy, but he is still not using consonants like "mamama" "dadada" "babababa" etc.  However, she told me today that he is vocal and using a range of sounds and that is what they are looking for at this age.  Yes, the next step is for him to start making some more recognisable sounds like those previously mentioned, but at this stage there is no concern.  (For them, I am still concerned!)
So our overall goals for Joshua remain the same- weight bearing on arms, sitting, using the right arm more and progressing to crawling.
She said his muscle tone has improved since she first saw him, and like me, she notices that it is worse at some times than others.  She has suggested that I play with him and do some stretches to get him nice and relaxed and loose first before working with him on things like sitting and rolling, and that I try brushing his right arm with different textures to increase his awareness of it before doing activities with his arms.  She was also pleased with his weight bearing on his legs and the fact that he is flat on his heels and not up on his tippy toes which is common among babies with high muscle tone and "jumpy legs" like Joshua. LOL  So we are also to encourage standing up, supporting himself with his arms and playing such as at an activity table.  So, all in all it was pretty good and they say I am doing a great job with him.  Baby Group is starting back up next week too, so that is good.


  1. Of course you're doing great with him! You're the best mama!

  2. He is one of the cutest baby boys! Just wanted to say hi!