Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby group and our first "contraption"

So today was the last Baby Group of the year at the Children's Development Team.  It will start back up again late January.   I love going every Monday, so I will miss it!  We are going away anyway though, so even if it was on we'd be missing a month.
I took some photos today of Joshua doing some of the things at Baby Group.  They have also loaned us a corner chair.  They talked about it since he first started going, and now they decided to send it home with us.  They told me that this is not supposed to be to help him sit, but rather to support his body so that he is able to do things with his hands and arms.  I asked them what the difference is between sitting him in the bumbo with the tray on, or the high chair with the tray on, and they told me that the corner chair positions his shoulders nicely in a way that is best for doing things with his hands.  The way they explained it to me is that they need to develop their skills using their hands while in a seated position, and if we waited for him to be sitting properly before trying to do this work with his hands, then it may end up that his hands are behind where they should be.  So even if he ends up behind with his sitting etc, hopefully he can still be on track with his hands.  Well, that is what they said and I agreed to take it and use it, it can't do any harm anyway.  He is just meant to use it for short periods (or as long as he will tolerate it) a couple of times a day.

Sitting in the big dish - He likes to spin FAST!

Trying out the corner chair

On the Scooter Board. 

Having fun on the platform swing

In the corner chair at home and not overly thrilled!

Playing with some toys in the corner chair at home

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