Wednesday, November 24, 2010


One evening I drove up to the Grocery store to get a few things.  Rod always leaves the car radio on "interesting" stations (I usually just have a CD on).  When I got into the car on this particular day, they were doing an interview with a singer Natalie Merchant and I was listening to it as I was driving.  They were talking to her about one of her songs, and how so many parents of children with special needs love her song and share their stories with her etc.  They also interviewed a doctor who said he has seen the lyrics of this song posted above many hospital beds and that it seems to be an anthem for special needs children.  I wondered what the song was, but after the interviews, they started to play the song.  I instantly loved it and sat in the car listening to it, crying my eyes out.  I had to suck it up though, because I was sitting in the carpark of Coles and still needed to go in there.  LOL  When I got home, I had no idea who the singer was or what the song was called, so I googled some of the lyrics and found it that way.
It was perfect.  That is my little darling, "A wonder of God's own creation".  The only problem with this song was that it was written about a female.  (I think it was originally written about someone with Down's Syndrome, at least she has a girl with DS in the film clip).
So, I have an uncle (Alan) who loves to sing and play his guitar, so I asked him if he would do the song for me but make it suited to a male.  Because, no matter where this path takes us, with love, with patience and with faith, Joshua will make his way.

Here is the song:


  1. Love the song gf! Also love the picture you have up of Joshy!

  2. Thanks, it was taken by a really good photographer! :)