Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 month Needles

Now, I think I made it quite clear in a previous post that me and the child health nurses are not really friends.  I took him to the clinic for his 4 month needles, and I wanted to have him weighed and measured while I was there.  So after seeing the "needle nurse" I went in to see the other nurse.  Honestly, I thought I'd just be able to put him on the scales, have him measured and off we go.  But no.  She made me have a seat.  She pulled up his details on the computer.  She started reading.  "Wow, he had a rough start didn't he?"  I replied "He sure did", while on the inside I was letting out a sigh and rolling my eyes.  She informed me she was going to do all of the checks they usually do at 4 months.

Now, my opinion on all of this is that too many cooks spoil the broth.  We have regular appointments at the hospital, and to be frank, if the nurse had any concerns what would she do?  Refer him to see the doctors at the hospital!  So, I figure we might as well skip the middle man here, and just leave it to the doctors to see what they think.  Anyway, being the nice polite person that I am, I allowed her to proceed.

Now, at our last appointment at the hospital, the doctor had advised me to start Joshua on solid foods at 4 months old and to trial him off the reflux medication.  I actually ended up stopping the Losec before then and he did wonderfully, and I started introducing solids when he was 16 weeks old.  But, of course, the current recommendation for solids is 6 months.  So when the nurse asked me if he was having anything other than breast milk, I lied and said No.  I just couldn't be bothered having that conversation with her, even though I was going on the recommendations of the doctor and also following Joshua's own signs of readiness.  (If the kid ain't ready, I can't force him to eat!)  She seemed happy when I said No, and told me to wait as long as I could but that some babies are ready before 6 months so "maybe 5 and a half months, just see how you go".  

Then she gave me an information sheet about introducing solids, and a fact sheet about "ages and stages" for 4 to 8 months.  I have a degree in child development and can find just about anything I want on the internet, but thanks for that.  (Hurry up and let me weigh him and go already!)  Finally she weighed him and measured him, and also measured his head circumference.  Of course, by now I am a professional head circumference measurer, but I wanted to see if she got the same as what I get.  She did.  And as I already knew...  his head circumference was now off the bottom of the percentile charts for his age.  His head was the size of an average 6 week old baby at 4 months.  Before she measured his head though, I made sure to tell her that I already knew his head wasn't growing (so save your speech lady!).  Well that is not true...  his head is growing.  It is just growing veeeeerrry slowly.  And then she did her "developmental check" which revealed he is totally fine and on track for his age.  (this involved asking me if he had rolled over yet, and seeing if he could hold her pen, noting that he held his body well and that he was vocal)  So, hardly comprehensive, but it still pleased me even though I knew he does have some issues.
She couldn't feel his fontanelle...  This didn't really concern me because other people had trouble in the past feeling his fontanelle and it had still been open so I thought nothing of it.

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